About Robin van Rhijn

Drummer, educator & composer

Robin started to play drums at a very early age and took lessons with Maurice Ligthart. His fathers love of jazz and soul led to Robin’s discovery of many types of music.

At age 9 Robin joined the youth program of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. He studied there through high school, taking lessons from Eric Ineke, Mark Zoutendijk, Stefan Kruger and Joost Patocka. From these instructors he learned the importance of developing his own style but also working with other musicians. He had early exposure playing at the North Sea Jazz festival and many other venues during that time.

Robin studied University at Codarts Rotterdam under  Hans van Oosterhout, Joost Kroon and Joost Patocka. Here his interest in different styles of music grew which lead to playing more funk, Cabo Verdian and Brazilian music. Graduating Codarts cum laude he wanted to continue his depth of study by enrolling in the European Master program. He lived in Copenhagen, Berlin and Amsterdam where he studied under Martijn Vink, Kresten Osgood and John Hollenbeck.

Mix of styles has become a major interest in Robin’s music career. This continues to develop as he takes on many different projects. Most recently, Robin has been experimenting with his own solo project ‘Fawzi’ where he combines influences from Sudanese music with his own drums and electronics.