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tiigre, international indie dream pop band, is Marta Arpini (IT, voice, guitar), Linus Eppinger (DE, guitars), Mauro Cottone (IT, bass) and Robin van Rhijn (NL, drums). Born in 2018 and based in Amsterdam, tiigre developed an own idiom that conveys deep and sweet, soft and strong messages to the audience, with rock wanderings, ethereal vocals, sophisticated harmonies, catchy melodies and grooves..

In 2021 tiigre recorded and produced their first EP together with 3x grammy nominee producer and sound engineer Attie Bauw. This debut work, called “Hot Dreams”, was released on April 8th, 2022. We recorded our next record in 2023 and are working on releasing it this year(2024).

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Burght is a pop group that makes eclectic pop music.

Every song is a trip. Some good, some bad. It’s up to you to judge which is which. They lead you from melancholy reveries to fierce chaotic eruptions and from sunlit grooves to dark whipping synths. As adventurous as their music is, it all still sounds strangely coherent. Every song is unmistakably Burght.

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Beryl Anne

Beryl Anne

Beryl Anne writes electronic indie-pop with a crunchy bite: layered synthesizers, bright vocal harmonies and masterful drums, inspired by the ‘80’s and artists such as Emily King, Christine & the queens and HAIM. Beryl, the crystal well known for its various colours characterizes the versatility of her music.

Beryl Anne is doing her release concert for her new EP ”manners” on the 2nd of May

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In addition to my recording in various studios, I offer professional drum recordings from my studio located in Amsterdam.
If you’re interested or in need of drum tracks, feel free to reach out to me.


A playlist of some of the records I have played on.